Investment Management

Define your outcome and we'll help you get there.

Whether you are looking to generate retirement income or maximize long-term growth, our suite of portfolio strategies is designed to achieve defined outcomes through thoughtfully crafted return and income objectives.

Portfolio list graphic information

  1. Seeks long-term capital appreciation while accepting higher levels of near-term volatility.

    • Edwards New Century Growth Portfolio
    • Edwards Small-Mid Cap Portfolio
    • Edwards International Portfolio
    • Edwards Moderate Growth Portfolio
    • Edwards Moderate Value Portfolio
    • Edwards Strategic Equity Blend Portfolio
    • Edwards Defensive Total Return Portfolio
  2. Seeks long-term capital appreciation with preservation of principal as a secondary consideration.

    • Edwards Conservative Growth Portfolio
    • Edwards Core Value Portfolio
  3. Seeks preservation of principal, current income, and low volatility.

    • Edwards Taxable Fixed Income Portfolio

Asset allocation and diversification are investment methods used to help manage risk. They do not guarantee investment returns or eliminate risk of loss including a declining market.

Put our investment expertise to work for you.

Our process-driven approach combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies to construct portfolios that aid easier implementation of tailored investment planning strategies to help you track more precisely toward your financial goals.

Comprehensive Ranking System

Each security in our broad investment universe is filtered through rigorous tests and is assigned a relative rank based on our analysis of quality, value, size, and momentum.

Thoughtful Portfolio Construction

We combine our comprehensive ranking methodology with broad measures of market capitalization and relative sector strength to assemble high conviction portfolios.

Prudent Risk Management

We aim to manage overall portfolio risk by aligning sector and single-security exposures with changing markets to provide greater portfolio resilience and diversification.

Expect more from your portfolio.

Let's face it, the financial industry can make investing seem complex -- leaving you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unsure. Our investment management approach offers enhanced capabilities and benefits to help you gain control of your money.

Direct ownership of securities

You own the securities purchased for your account. Your money is not pooled with that of other investors, providing you with more control and visibility.

Easy-to-understand fee structure

We charge a single, fully transparent fee based on the size of the portfolio we manage for you rather than traditional, trade-based commission charges.

Enhanced tax management

Our team will seek opportunities to turn market dips and declines into tax savings to help reduce taxes and increase after-tax portfolio returns.

Portfolio personalization

We can tailor your portfolio to fit your personal goals and objectives — allowing you to exclude specific companies or industries that do not align with your values and principles.

The PIM program is not designed for excessively traded or inactive accounts and is not appropriate for all investors. Please carefully review the Wells Fargo Advisors advisory disclosure documents for a full description of our services. The minimum account size for this program is $50,000.