Rational Reflections

Our latest thinking on today's financial markets and how investors have been reacting to them.

What’s Your Benchmark?

October 2021

As more advisors embrace the moniker wealth management, the term has become so diluted that it has lost much of its true meaning.

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Bull Market Problems

August 2021

On August 16th, the S&P 500 Index officially doubled from the deepest depths of the pandemic. The rally has been powerful, surprising, and mostly discredited the entire way.

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When Everyone Seems Crazy

April 2021

When investors have different objectives, motivations, and time horizons, asset prices that look crazy to one investor can make perfect sense to another.

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The Folly of Predictions

November 2020

Predictions can be fascinating, terrifying, and even entertaining, just don’t let them overly influence the decisions you make with respect to your portfolio.

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Finding Confidence Amongst Uncertainty

June 2020

In nearly every decision - whether it be investing, business, health, or relationships - there are some factors and inputs that we can predict and control, and others that we cannot.

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