Our Approach

Making good financial
decisions is hard.

Earning, spending, saving, and investing — our financial lives are fraught with complexity. In today’s world of too much noise and too much choice, it can be difficult to achieve simplicity.

That’s why we created a process that is designed to provide for more thoughtful and intentional decision-making in order to simplify your financial life to drive better outcomes.

Three steps to help you live the life you want — on your terms

Step 1Define Your Purpose

Your life's direction may change over time, but your values do not. Gaining clarity about what matters most to you is an important first step to creating a more confident path for your financial future.

Step 2Set Priorities

With a clear understanding of what is most important to you, we separate major goals from noisy distractions. This is also an opportunity to get in-sync with your partner or family about how you want your money to work for you.

Step 3Implement Allocation

After setting clear and actionable priorities, we employ outcome-based investment strategies that align with your values, goals, and intentions. As your life evolves, so too does your allocation.

Why The Edwards Group?

Client-First Philosophy

Our team's mission is centered on stewardship, not salesmanship. We treat wealth as a perpetual asset for good.

Guided Process

Our process is designed to help you make more thoughtful and intentional money decisions.

Customized Portfolios

Our suite of strategies is designed with specific outcomes in mind so you can better track and reach your goals.